Learning with Hadar

Week: 1 (02/01/2021 to 09/01/2021) TH (WORKING OUT)

  • Beginning: thorn, thin, think, thunder, thousand, thirsty, thief, thermometer, theater, thermos, thaw, thing, thread, thoughtful, three, thick, thumb, thigh, third, thank you, thirty, thirteen, therapy, Thursday, and thimble.

  • Middle: bathtub, toothache, toothbrush, python, marathon, healthy, truthful, wealthy, athlete, bathrobe, panther, toothpaste, birthday, something, pathway, and a toothpick.

  • Ending: cloth, moth, math, tooth, fifth, beneath, path, month, wreath, booth, broth, ninth tenth, tenth, breath, bath, earth, mouth, teeth, youth, north, strength, south, oath, both, eighth, hath, Ruth.

  1. Words: Authentic, Them, the.

  2. Transition: the car, the sun, tell them, is that, the theory, will they, on the, at the, in the

n - th: in the, month, on the, on this, on that, on these, in these, in thism on those, in these, win things, on things, in things, etc...

t - th: at the, eighth, at this, at those, at these, at that, at things, etc..

d - th: width, good thing, etc