English accents

You can find here a couple of videos on how to improve your English. I hope you enjoy the content.

I practice reading on https://discord.gg/spanish-english or https://discord.gg/languages those are servers for practicing your English or Spanish.

Alphabet song to practice

It is very important to learn the sounds of letters. It helps to spell words and more...

December reading

On December 15, 2021

theory, those, Physicists, Einstein, relativity, mechanics, atoms, refuses, smaller, says

On December 12, 2021

also, hum, jitters, object, gets, acoustic, nitride, silicon

On December 11, 2021

physicists, deposited, rippled, sheet, vibrate, beam, allowed, epoxy, Sept. = September, temperatures, heated, imagines, surface, newfangled, says, Denmark, horrible, 11th, document, three, first, observed, crows, resemble, curved,

August reading

On August 30, 2021

deposited, epoxy, chip's surface, silicon nitride, sheet, rippled, vibrate, allowed, Sept. 18, newfangled thermometer, temperatures,

On August 27, 2021

the, released, Milky Way, supermassive, theory, midst, counter, others,

Extra:Warm vs Worm

On August 28, 2021

oozy, dry, knob, shaped, tuba, tunnel, tiled, fond

On August 26, 2021

ankles, surmounted, greenbelts, gentle, stood, startled, seemed, climate, processing, monks, subtle, seemed, fuller, bodied, leaves, filled, ends, oozy, dry, sandy, hobbit, perfectly, shiny, the exact, tube, tunnel, Researchers, hop, pests, environmentally, microbiologist, university, graduate, communities, predict, metabolites.

On August 25, 2021

began, briny, parents, enormous, mansion, rickety, here, unsteady, law volunteer detective police originated contribute, saw, were, I was awake, curiosity, rubbing, Daddy and Mama

Extra:Were / We're / Where / Wear

On August 24, 2021

peeped, book, Alice, considering, wether, hear, ought, hedge, dipped, seemed, looked, moment, well, man, injured, pulled, this, thoughts, fought, Frederick, slept, vehicles, pulled, at last, looked, police cars, leaped, Marie, policemen, walk, stew, By the end of the week, silver container, Haret, halt finished, put.


On August 21, 2021

strawberry, roars, looked, were, foot, Andrew, noises, cheerful, interest, hear, jeopardy, climate, "a rise in sea levels", patterns, caused, flooding, human, contríbuting, droughts, cinema, police, children, hospital, temperature, specific, recent, caffeine

"post office (hard one)", formed (hard one)

On August 20, 2021

world, Sherlock Holmes, were (not "wore"), those, lived, called, truths, human, world, whirled, trotting, rushed, those, were, walked, checked, loosened, polished, sliced, brought, slipped, slithered, twined, through, pulled, wiped, gloved.

word vs world, you'll (one syllable), three vs tree, ship vs sheep, T [t] and D [d] Consonants

On August 19, 2021

designed, based, robust technology, secure, subsidiary, is known as, registered, people's, inheritance, Neandertals, raise, severe, A stretch, previously, increased, developing, infections, genetic, hospitalized, heirlooms, interbred, aspects, extinct, called, risky, geneticist, anthropology, Germany, institute(edited), since, been in touch, an email, semester, abroad, Málaga, I'm also speaking, though, Mediterranean

On August 14, 2021

asked, white doves, ours, pope, said [say, says],